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Bright connections is currently based out of beautiful Bailey, Colorado and was started by Monique Bright in 2021.

Monique grew up in Nevada and Northern California.  She was raised in a big family that encouraged exploration of art, nature, religion and spirituality and highly valued community and family.

She got her BA in Recreation and Leisure Services and Minored with Leadership and Civic Engagement from UNLV.

Monique has been an active Reiki Practitioner for over 10 years..
In 2016 she was asked to officiate a wedding for close friends.  This experience made Monique realize her love of the art of Ceremony and it is still one of Monique's favorite memories.

Once she moved to Bailey she started studying Peruvian Shamanism with Sophia Paul in 2017.  Soon after she began hosting community Ceremonies to spread the love that she found in this practice. 

Yoga has been a large part of Monique's personal practice since childhood.  She got her RTY in 2020 at Shoshoni Yoga Retreat. 

Bright Connections was created to bring all of these gifts together to share with the world.

Monique loves hiking, music, dancing, cuddling her cat, spending time with family and doing and enjoying art with friends.


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Supporting Community

Thank You  
for your support!!. 

Huge shout out to Harris Park Community for their Sponsorship! 
We are grateful to be sponsored by our community to provide yoga instruction back to them!

Bright Connections applied to be a non profit in 2021.
We host free events and donation based classes in our community as well as actively support small businesses.

Female Art and Energy Collective

CELEBRATE these amazing beings and SUPPORT small businesses!

Featuring Female Artists and Energy Practitioners in our Community !!!!!!


Karen Hilliard

I am fascinated with watercolor, among the many mediums to chose from. My goal as an artist is to encourage others to look at the world in a different way, and bring the beauty of nature into everyone's home. There are Originals, Prints, Greeting Cards, and Stickers on my website. I hope you enjoy my work as I much as I enjoy creating it! 

Elizabeth Hahn
O.G. Collaborator of Celebrating the Wheel of Life Ceremonies
Elizabeth Hahn Art on Facebook

My personal art uses alcohol ink markers, archival ink and paper. I tend to focus on bright vibrant colors and interconnected line work that blends images into one another. Often I like to practice an intuitive approach to creation and let the images emerge without specific planning.

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Stephanie Heismann

Howdy, I’m Stephanie. I have a passion for photography and a gift of finding hearts along the way. Life has given me a love of tarot cards, crystals, hiking, and yoga and with that, everything is always a little bit better.  Contact me for Reiki Sessions and Spiritual Art workshops!


Hayley Davis

Bio coming soon


Ashley Nordeen

Lauren Spencer

Bio Coming soon

bio coming soon

Other Collaborations and Projects!

Recent Art Collaborations


Upper and Lower World
Collaboration with
Elizabeth Hahn and Monique Bright

Using upcycled materials and a bit of art, we have created a multiple person percussion instrument!  It is so fun bringing it to community events for everyone to play on and create the vibe. 

We hope you enjoy our art and practice as much as we do!

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