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Celebrating Connection and Community
through Ceremonies, Yoga Instruction and practicing Reiki and Shamanism

Calendar of Events

Customized individual, small group and family classes and events available!
Meditation Workshop and Group starting soon!

Current In-Person Weekly Schedule:

Yoga Flow Wednesdays 630-730pm 
Harris Park Community Center
2154 Shelton Drive Bailey CO 80421
Donation Based Class

Chair Yoga Sundays 10-11am

Mad Jacks Brewery
23 Main Street Bailey CO 80421


Check our social media pages for up for weekly information 

For more information or to book a custom session email



Sacred Sister Circles
Solstice and Equinox 
Love / Marriage
Mothers and Baby Blessings
Energy Cleansings
Coming Of Age Ceremonies

For pricing and availability, please email

Short description of each ceremony below.


Customized Ceremonies

Sacred Sister Circles
New Moon and Full Moon Ceremonies

Sitting in a sacred circle is an ancient practice where individuals sit as equals; listening, sharing and creating community.  In the circle we set intention and guidelines to create sacred, safe space together. We are an authentic community of women supporting and empowering one another.  The ceremonies are focused around the moon cycle to focus and amplify our intentions of manifesting and releasing to actively grow as individuals. 

Join us in circle to celebrate, connect with yourself, your greatest passions, shadows and the other beautiful women in the circle. 

Ways to Participate

Join an Existing Circle
In person gatherings are around every New and Full Moon, Fall through Spring in and around Bailey CO.
Check the calendar for upcoming dates. 
$28 Early RSVP - $33 when 24 hrs or less RSPV (Space Permitting, RSVP Required)


Host a Circle
We will custom design your Ceremony/Event, come to your space and lead an intimate gathering for you or a group.


Start your own Circle
One on One, in-person and on-line Apprenticeships available with Certificate to start your own Sacred Sister Circle!

Join the Sacred Sister Circles Facebook Page!

Contact us for more information


Equinox and Solstice Ceremonies
Join us for a Community Ceremony to honor and celebrate the cycles of Gaia and the changes this brings us all! 

Gatherings usually include (weather permitting):

Fire Ceremony
Drum Circle 
Reflection on past cycle and manifesting new goals and intentions for coming cycle
Sharing Seasonal Art
Practicing Group Tarot/Pendulum 
Seasonal Craft

***Check our calendar or reach out to reserve your space for the next one now.***

Custom and Hand Made Ceremony Tools and Kits
-Custom, hand made tools available for your own personal practice.
-Check Offerings on the Home page to order a Ceremony Kit or Celebrating Gaia Membership to assist you in celebrating and honoring the cycles of Earth! 
Kit includes ideas and instructions.

We love to collaborate!!!
If you are interested in hosting a Ceremony we would love to work with you!

For more information or for a custom Tool or Ceremony,
Please email or contact us through social media.
@celebratingthewheeloflife on Instagram



Love and Marriage Ceremonies

 Let us help make your day special by creating a unique, custom Ceremony to celebrate you and your loved ones special day!

Monique is an Ordained Minister with the Universal Life Church and has performed a variety of Marriage Ceremonies, honoring different faiths and practices all over the country. 

For pricing please email us or contact us on social media


Mother and Baby Blessings

Becoming a mother is one of the most sacred and fierce paths you can embark on in your lifetime. Mothers Blessings are Ceremonies focused on celebrating, sharing knowledge and giving support to the soon to be  mamma.  Monique Bright, an Energy Practitioner and Ordained Minister, will perform the Mothers Blessing. The new mothers closest female friends and family are invited to this custom Ceremony to celebrate. 

Baby Blessings generally occur shortly after the baby is born. and is also a close family and friend Ceremony.

With each Blessing you will receive your own written copy of your Custom Blessing.

Various other activities to go with the Blessings available upon request.

Contact us for availibility


Energy Cleansings
Great for new houses and properties
Resetting the vibration of your space 

Cleansing and clearing of space is important and a sacred practice.
We use a variety of teachings from Reiki, Shamanism and Paganism in our practice including:

Gems, Salts and Ashes

(local, wild foraged sage or other herb consciously and sustainably harvested)

Cleansings or Ceremonies are custom made and events for parties are available! 
Contact us!

Coming of Age Ceremonies

Let us help you celebrate and honor a special day, transition or growth in your life  with Ceremony!

Transition into Adulthood
These transitions are celebrated differently by all cultures and religions. A couple examples include; reaching a certain age or maturity and first menstruations

Maiden to Mother OR Mother to Crone Ceremonies

Just as the moon and female menstruation has a 28 day cycle, women are believed to enter a new cycle in their lives every 28 years.
Maiden, Mother, Crone
Celebrate the transition into this new cycle and honor the one you are exiting!

Bright Connections is happy to create custom events and ceremonies to help you celebrate and honor life to the fullest!



Reiki and Shamanic Practice
Bright Connections uses Reiki and Shamanic practices in every Ceremony and when wild foraging or creating Offerings. 
We honor , celebrate and give gratitude to the Earth, its cycles
as well as our ancestors, mentors and their teachings.

One-on-One and Small Group Sessions
Chakra and Energy Balancing 
Practitioners  use ancient Japanese Reiki Energy Practices and Peruvian Shamanic Practices to clear and balance energies
1 on 1 sessions available

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Connect With Us


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Thank you for taking the time to explore and enjoy this virtual space

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