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?How to use?


Soil enricher and blessing

-sprinkle small amount on topsoil


Sacred bath

-Add Epsom salts and protection, Prosperity jar 


Protective symbols or boundaries

-Create a line, symbol or scatter in front of doorway, boundaries 


Alter Item

-place on altar or in room for protection and prosperity


What inside?


Eggshells, ground up = new growth and life, fertility 

 (Wash out eggshells and bake on 170 degrees for 1 hr to kill bacteria)


Raspberry leaf= "woman's herb", fertility, rich in nutrients and antioxidants 


Coffee grounds= fertilizer 


Basil = protection, sacred herb, prosperity purification


Black Lava Sea Salt =clearing, cleansing, protective 


Ceremonial Ashes= magical, cleansing, regenerative, fertile


Ostara Protection and Prosperity Jar

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